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How many pounds of refrigerant does my AC need? – Gainesville, FL

Watch owner Rob Jarvis with some expert advice on how to tell how much refrigerant your air conditioner needs.

Video Transcript:
“Hey, this is Rob with Jarvis Heat & Air and this is your tip of the day!

Today I’m at a customer’s house and they’re needing some refrigerant. They’ve got a leak and I’ve got to determine how much refrigerant to put in the machine. In order to do that I’ve gotta look at the data tag. I want to go over that with you because it might be something helpful. The data tag will show the model number and how many BTUs the machine is. This one is 42,000 BTUs. It’ll show the year and serial number. The important thing is down here, factory charged ounces of R-22, which is the type of refrigerant, and it shows how many ounces. This one is 108 ounces, so that’s pretty good information to have when you have someone at the house that’s told you that you’re low on freon. You can do a little math, 16 ounces per pound, 108 ounces, that’s 6.75 pounds of refrigerant. So if Bubba comes up and says, ‘Ma’am, you’re about 1700 pounds low, that’s gonna be $4,000.’ You’re going to say, ‘Uh, no, it holds 6.7 pounds of refrigerant and it’s R-22.’ So anyhow, just a way for you to have a little bit of info and if you call the right company like Jarvis Heat and Air, you’ll get it straight anyhow and the best deal.

Jarvis Heat & Air, we do excellent service but this tip is free!”

Ac refrigerant capacity – Gainesville, FL