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Bad AC capacitor repair Gainesville, FL and how to stay cool while waiting for service

Have you ever been without AC on a hot day? There might be a way for you to continue cooling your home while you wait for a repair from your favorite ac repair company, Jarvis Heat & Air. Watch our video for a free tip on how to stay cool while waiting for your bad AC fan capacitor to be repaired.

AC fan not spinning by compressor is running – you might have a bad capacitor

“Hey this is rob with Jarvis Heat & Air and this is your tip of the day.

Today, I’m working on a machine where the compressor is running, but the fan on top is not turning. So I’m gonna give you a tip. I know what’s wrong with it, it has a bad capacitor. Half the capacitor is bad. It’s a dual run where it has dual purposes. Half of the capacitor starts the compressor, the other half starts the fan motor. But I’m gonna give you a tip, it might be Sunday afternoon or Saturday evening and you can’t get a service guy to come out for a while and you’re burning up. This will be a quick tip to get you going. I’m gonna plug it back in to show you the issue and how to get you back going temporarily. I’m plugging it back in, you’ll hear the compressor start up. Alright, compressor started up but no fan. All you need to do is get this fan going. Stick a stick or something in there and give it a good spin and that capacitor, which it’s job is to get that motor started, you now have done it yourself. Once that fan blade starts going, it’ll get up to full speed and as long as the machine is running, now when it gets to temperature and cycles off, it’s going to stop again. But this will get you through the weekend. Also, there’s the model and serial number on the side. You can actually Google the model number on the machine and find the capacitor for this thing if you’re in a pinch and you can’t get a sevice guy in your area to come out or whatever. Or, you can always call Jarvis Heat & Air and we’ll take care of it right away. Just a tip to get you going. At Jarvis Heat & Air, we do excellent service but this tip is free!”

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