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Mow away from Air Conditioner Condenser Coil to keep it cooling at capacity – Gainesville, FL

Watch technician Dustin Cruze explain how mowing your lawn effects your AC Coil.

Video Transcript:
“Hey what’s up everybody, this is Dustin Cruze with Jarvis Heat & Air with your Tip Of The Day. I’m at a customer’s home and it’s summertime right now. Everybody’s mowing grass if it isn’t too wet, but been seeing a lot of calls like this. The coil is filled up with dust and debris. A lot of times, this is coming from mowers pointing the mower towards the units and all that grass and dust, it’s just sucking it up in there. Try to avoid that if you can, turn your mower the other way where it shoots out. If you have an issue like this with your coil looking like this, it’s running harder than it should. Give us a call so we can come turn it up and get it nice and clear for you. At Jarvis Heat & Air, we do excellent service but this tip is free.”

Dirty Condenser Coil on Heat Pump

Keeping your heat pump condenser coil clean will help it run at full capacity, keeping you cooler on the hottest days. If you’re air conditioner isn’t keeping your house cool, it might be time to clean the coil. It’s a relatively low cost way to keep your AC running well, reducing the amount of time it takes to cool your home and keep you comfortable. Let’s not forget that it can also extend the life of your AC and push costly repairs or replacement a lot further down the road so you have more time to save for a rainy day. If you think your air conditioner’s condenser coil needs cleaned, give us a call. And don’t forget to point your mower discharge away from your coil while mowing, that will help keep the coil clean longer.

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